Nov 23, 2013

All I Want for Christmas...

is an Offer of Representation.

This round of queries is very uneventful.  Agent responses are slowing down, drastically.  For the first round of queries, I chose agents with very quick response times, and saved the slower folks for last.  Yeah, that might be totally backward, but that's how I did it.  Sue me. {lol }

Two thousand thirteen has been a LONG year for me in terms of writing.  I began the year querying agents, as usual, and attempting to write more and more picture books.  Also, I finally broke down and got a library card to take advantage of freebies.  This allowed me to do a lot of picture books studying, and I quickly learned how different the picture book market is compared to when I was small.

These days, picture books are much more bold.  I see PBs featuring monsters (I guess all the parents got together and decided it was okay to admit to monsters being real), zombies, and other freaky story lines that parents would NOT have allowed back in my youth.  But, we live in a changing world, and that's just how it is.

Although it is always disappointing to get a form rejection (that's the only rejections I have received), I will keep pushing.  I'll keep writing, reading, and finally one day I'll make it there.

Nov 20, 2013

More Rejections

What does it mean when an agent rejects your work and says, "We cannot offer to see more of your work?"

Does it mean they do not like your writing style?

Of all the rejections I have ever received, this one particular agent is the only one that uses the impersonal "Dear Author" greeting.  Then, I get the part about not wanting to see more of my work.  Ugh.