Oct 28, 2013

Rejections for Almost 365 Days

It's been almost one year since I received my first manuscript rejection and I'm still hanging in there... or, err... here.

Last year, I wrote my first real manuscript.  By real I mean the first story I ever worked hard on, edited to death, researched and submitted with hopes of seeing it in ink.  Though, I hope everything I write will eventually be in ink.

Here I am, almost a year later, with many rejections under my belt.  You know, something I often here is, "Such-and-such was rejected 10 times before they got a book deal."

Really?  Just 10?  Ten is nothing!  If you tell me your story got rejected less than 20 times, to me that is the equivalent of zero rejections.  I'm pushing 50 total rejections on multiple stories.  But, enough of the bragging.  Back to writing...

Oct 13, 2013

Back to the Waiting Game, Eh?

On September 29 I queried one picture book agent in particular.  It was the first query with a new picture book that has been in the works for over 6 months.  I still haven't heard from the agent, and he's one that responds to all queries, too.  Today makes two weeks, so I decided to go ahead and query a few more agents.  I queried four more, all of which have the record for responding quickly.  Who doesn't love speedy responses?  Also, my "dream agent" is closed to queries until November 1.  That particular agency quotes a 6-8 week response time, but when I previously queried them it took 3 months to get a response.  Whew!  I guess their mailbox really is overflowing.

How's your WIP coming along?