Apr 19, 2013

Do Perfect Query Letters Exist?

Writing query letters are not very fun.  Why?  It's because there is no consistent advice on how to write query letters, except for the rule that you must type it. Ha!

When I became serious about getting published, I began researching how to write query letters.  I, of course, did a Web search and found site upon site with advice on how to write them.  Here's the problem with query letters:

You see, some agents post submission guidelines along with specific instructions as to what they want in the query letter.  The problem is that many do not and you must know how to write them without guidance.

In my research, I found many inconsistencies.  Some Websites state that if the writer is unpublished, they should say so specifically in the query letter.  Other Websites say not to mention being unpublished.

Another inconsistency is including personal information about the agent I query.  For example, if I query Mrs. Rogers, do I state in the query letter that I have read books by her clients, and I believe my book would interest her as well?  Duh, right?  The reason I am sending him/her a query is because I believe it will interest them.

Other random inconsistencies are that some sites say to always use Courier font, while others say you should always use a sans serif font.  Some sites say you should put your name on every page of your manuscript, while others don't even mention doing that.

Why can't there just be a universal query format that every agent MUST follow? (Ha!)

Happy Friday everyone :)

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