Apr 10, 2013

Picture Books Now and Then

When I was small, the hot books were Curious George, and we gobbled them up like chocolate bars (well, metaphorically).  As you know, those books typically taught similar lessons, but these days, I am told to simply write stories that are fun and enjoyable for children to listen to or read.

Let me tell you this:  I do not have children, though, I plan to one day.  When I think of the types of books I want to buy for them, I keep turning to the books I enjoyed in my childhood.  Yes, I own several copies of Curious George, because in my opinion, they are timeless.  After all, they are still being printed.  Plus, George is adorable and you can't go wrong with monkeys.

Last Christmas, my nephew received a basket full of books.  He loves for someone to read to him and it doesn't matter what it is.  Do you know which books were in the basket?  Dr. Seuss books and P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother?  None of which are current picture books.

If you are a parent, do you tend to buy the classic books, or do you let your children decide what they want to read?

What are your opinions of current picture books?

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