Apr 4, 2013

Waiting for an Agent's Response

The biggest frustration that comes with trying to get published is the fact that some agents/publishers live by "no response means we are not interested."  It's no surprise that writers dislike this.  Face it, everyone wants an answer.  It's hard to live on the edge, especially for months, not to mention that it is slightly stressful.

This makes me wonder:  if agents use an online submission form, can't they install a button to click so when they reject the book, it automatically sends a form rejection letter to that person?  Then, maybe everyone could get some type of notification.

In my experience, most agents want you to e-mail a specific e-mail address.  A few have online submission forms, but mostly what I see is "please e-mail this address with your manuscript."  This method requires the agent to read your manuscript, then send reply to that e-mail and paste in their form rejection text in the body of the reply.  If this process could be automated, writers would be thrilled (I know, it's not the agents job to thrill the writer, but it would still be awesome).

The real question is, what do you do while you wait for a response?  Check your e-mail every five minutes?  Check your voice mail every five minutes?  Call the phone company every five minutes to make sure the phone lines are functioning correctly?

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