Dec 31, 2013

The End of 2013

I sit at my writing desk and notice the clock reads 9:06pm.  Year 2013 is almost over, and another year passes without an offer of representation from an agent.

This year, my #1 goal was to snag an agent and be on my way to getting published.  But it didn't happen.  Life got in the way.  I look back now and wonder, "What in the world did I do this year?"  The answer is easy.

See, I have many hobbies.  I love to sew, and at times that's ALL I want to do.  It's easy to get swept away in sewing projects.  I also love learning graphic design, and I have an amazing digital camera that requires a Ph.D to use.  Not quite, but it does take devoted time to learn all its functions.  Given all these hobbies, PLUS trying to write manuscripts and study children's books... PLUS having a full time career, house and husband, it's not easy.  But, I must say that I still am not giving up.  I will resume writing more this year, and I'll try, yet again, to land an agent.

Recently, I've been out of the writing mood.  I haven't written a new manuscript in months.  I haven't really studied a children's book in a few months, yet I still dream about getting a call from someone.

This year, I tried querying publishers, and chose two to begin with.  One rejected me after a month, and the other still has not replied.  It's been two months... I don't feel very optimistic, but we'll see.

Regardless, I'll keep moving forward.  Nothing can happen if I just sit home and wait for an agent to stop by my house to see if I'm a writer that wants an agent.  Haha, nope!

I hope the last moments of 2013 find you as hopeful as I am.  After all, hope is what keeps us motivated.

Please join me in 2014 as I continue to pursue my dream of finding an agent and a publisher.

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  1. Good luck in your search! May an agent bless you with a publishing deal :)