May 24, 2014

If you were a bird

Imagine you are a bird.  Not an eagle, but a small little bird like a robin.  You find a place to build a nest for your little ones.  After deciding that big shrub in front of the white and green farmhouse is perfect, you begin collecting items to build that perfect nest in the perfect location.  You collect twigs, shreds of candy bar wrappers, pieces of wiring, strands of ribbons, and are well on your way to assembling that nest.

Day by day, the nest gets a little bigger, a little bigger, until you feel that one more day is all you need, and that nest will be complete.  You fly high and low to collect just a few more twigs, and begin your final descent into the shrubs where your new home is waiting.  Zoom!  Into the bush you fly, only to find that your home is... well, where is it?!  You know you are in the correct bush.  You've been flying into that bush every day for days!  But no, your home has vanished.  Gone.  Now what?

This exact story line plays out in my head every time I have to remove a bird's nest from my property.  Unfortunately for the birds, they choose the worst places to build nests on my property.  One year a bird even built one in the Christmas wreath hanging on my front door.  Umm, no, sorry birdie, that's not going to work.  Each time I wonder if the bird is going to freak out.  Will the bird go bonkers trying to figure out where its home is?  What exactly goes through their mind?  I think I'd freak out if I were the bird and my home just disappeared in minutes.

What would your reaction be if you were a bird?

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