Apr 15, 2013

Finding Inspiration in Pet Stores

As a picture book writer, I look for inspiration everywhere.  It doesn't matter if I'm at a gas station or the grocery store.  Good stories are all around us.

While out shopping with my parents this weekend, I told them I wanted to visit Pet Smart.   Kids are always in pet stores acting... well... kid-like.

We walk over to the fish tanks, where a little boy and his mom stood, observing the various tanks of goldfish.  One tank was very full.  Lots and lots of fish!  Then, the little boy pokes the glass with his finger and the fish frantically scatter.  He finds it fascinating that he made them do that.

Standing just two feet away was his mother, I am assuming.  After he pokes the glass, she scolds him, warning him not to do that, but he can't resist.  The problem is that his mother is standing right there!  What does he do?

He pokes the glass again... with is elbow.

What funny things have you saw kids do lately?

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