Apr 16, 2013

From Brain to Paper

Sometimes I think I have a great idea for a picture book, but it the idea doesn't successfully transition from my brain to my paper.  It's as if something happens to the awesome idea in midair.

I'm working on a manuscript right now that has been critiqued, but I haven't really made my first set of revisions yet.  It's funny how I visualize it being some amazing, ground-breaking story, but I feel like when my thoughts hit paper, they turn into a single-scoop vanilla ice cream cone.  My goal is usually for a Rocky Road type of concoction.

Do you often struggle getting your awesome ideas to transition to text?


  1. Yes, yes I do. And I think it's more difficult for me to write flash fiction as opposed to a full novel because of that mistranslation. With a novel, I have thousands upon thousands of chances to get the words right. For flash fiction, I have to be succinct and say what I mean in 3,000 words or less. I can only imagine how difficult it is to write children's books since you have to be even more succinct!

  2. Oh yeah! The word limit just hovers over your head. It's like trying to put an air mattress back in the box in which it was packaged.