Apr 1, 2013

Using Instagram to Brainstorm

Introducing a new way to brainstorm for new stories!  It's called Instagramming and here's how it works (if you are not familiar with Instagram, visit the Website to read more).

First, you will need a timer of some type, like the one on the microwave. Using it, set a timer of 45 seconds.  You will also need your smart phone.

Next, open the Instagram app and use the Explore button to see random photos that others have added.  Within 45 seconds, you must find a picture that you find interesting, and you must write a picture book based on the photo that peaks your interest.  If the timer goes off, you must choose the picture you are looking at, at that moment.

Do you struggle to create unique story lines for your books, or is your imagination filled with so many of them you don't have time to write them?

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