Apr 2, 2013

Writing Rhyming Picture Books

Don't write rhyming picture books.

Well, okay, I guess you can make your picture book rhyme, but you better do it well.

If you are actively trying to get your picture book published, you may have noticed how many agents do not want to see rhyming text.  This fact upsets many writers because they believe their rhymes are amazing, perfect and as good as Dr. Seuss'.  Well, agents and publishers tend to disagree before they even read your rhymes.  As soon as your query letter mentions a rhyming picture book, they cringe.

When we think of rhymes, naturally Dr. Seuss comes to mind in the world of picture books.  Perhaps because his rhymes were the best.  The perfect meter, with the perfect use of words, and a wonderful story overall.

For the longest time, I have felt that Dr. Seuss ruined the rhyming market for everyone else because he was so good.  Maybe agents think that no one can compare and they don't want to try to compete with him.

So, why do agents and publishers cringe these days when people present their rhyming stories?

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