May 19, 2013

About My Life

Tomorrow is Monday.  Monday and Friday are enemies.  I prefer Friday, for the most part. On the upside, the best part of starting a new week is hearing from agents.  I'm not sure if agents ever make that big call on a Saturday or Sunday.  Now, on to the real point of this post.

My life is not complicated at all.  It's quite simple.  I work at an 8-5, Monday-Friday job at a desk where I sit most all day.  The work I do is easy, and I never go to work filled with dread because I like the work and the work environment.  The hardest part of the day is the 18 mile drive both ways, in rather heavy traffic.  It's not Atlanta or NYC, but it's heavy enough.

My husband works the same hours and days that I do, and we usually arrive home at the same time.  Then, we spend the evenings together, eating dinner actually at the table, then watch a little Netflix.  We do not have children yet, so we have a great deal of freedom.

Before I began writing, the routine was to come home, make dinner, watch television, and then exercise for one hour before showering and going to bed.  Writing distorted that a bit...

When I started writing heavily this past October, I stopped exercising.  "That was a big mistake," say my blue jeans.  Over the past couple of years, I made a point to exercise most days of the week, but writing did something to my brain.  I wonder if other people feel a significant physical change when they are focused on writing.  I almost feel like a blob (but a good blob because I love to write kid lit).

So, after I started writing heavily, that's all I did in my free time.  I sat in front of the computer, and wrote.  If I wasn't actively writing a manuscript, I was brainstorming for the next one.  My Wii stepping board collected dust (it's my main source of exercise).

I find that writing causes me to go into hibernation mode.  I don't want to do anything but sit, wait, and write another picture book in case the one I submitted bombs big time.  I have completed neglected my exercising routine, but that's getting ready to change tomorrow. Why not today?  Because today I've felt like a big blob.  I hope I'm not coming down with something, because my throat really does not feel so good.  Luckily I don't need a voice to write (Oh, I guess I do!).

My goal for 2013 is to be represented by an agent.  Yeahhh, I think I've mentioned that on this blog before.  As of today, I've been in query mode for the past 6 months.  Half a year!  Half a year, waiting to hear the good news.  Well, not the whole 6 months, since there was some down time, but 6 months of thinking about getting an agent.  Oh, the dream!

Regarding my current manuscript I have out on the market... I feel really good about it.  Maybe I shouldn't since it's been rejected about 5 times now.  But, even with the rejections, I feel confident.  The hard part is finding the correct agent to match my work.

What does writing do you physically?

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