May 13, 2013

Dealing With Rejections

Today I received two picture book rejections via e-mail, and you know what?  Not even those will slow me down!

Before I ever submitted a manuscript to agents, I researched everything about the picture book market.  Part of that research included comments from other writers stating, "You WILL get rejected.  A lot."  I, like many others, hoped I would be different, but in reality I knew rejections would come my way.

My first rejection came via e-mail, as I've only submitted via e-mail so far.  I remember reading the e-mail, and feeling my heart sink a little.  But, just a little.  I think I really prepared myself for rejections, and none of them have EVER made me feel like I should give up writing.  As a matter of fact, with every rejection I think I hold my head a little higher.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep hearing, "That's okay, Jessica.  Some will reject you, but there's one smart agent out there that will take you all the way to the bookstore."

I know some people get really mad when they get rejected.  They curse their inbox or the mail man, and blame everyone else.  I've never been like this.

What's your reaction to rejections?

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