May 26, 2013

Preparing For The Call

We all imagine the day an agent will call.  We don't want to see e-mails because we know those are no good.  Instead, we want The Call (and it's big enough to capitalize).

We live for the moment when we'll look at the caller ID and say, "Who could that be?  I have only given my number to one person and that was... to...that AGENT I QUERIED!" Shortly followed by a dizzy spell and palm sweating.  Then, you realize you better answer it before the caller reaches your voice mail.

But, wait a minute.  If you pick up the phone and it is that agent, what are you going to say if they offer you representation?  You can't just sit there!  Nope.  You better know what to say. I'm one to talk, I feel I may be ill-prepared for this scenario, but not for long.

Rachelle Gardner's Website  includes a very helpful list of items to ask an agent when they do call.  Use this as a starting point, and remember to spend a significant amount of time researching how to prepare for the call.  Remember, you will have to know more than the contents of your manuscript (which you already know, duh).  It wouldn't be a bad idea to print this list and keep it with you at all times.  I know I will, because I want to be prepared when the time comes.  And, it will.

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