May 2, 2013

Save Your Manuscripts in Three Locations

I often visit the blog of literary agent Rachelle Gardner, and today she blogged about backing up your documents in more than one location.  Sooooooo important (yes, it's so important that I had to bold, underline and italicize it).  If you write anything, at least save your work in these three locations:

  • On your computer's Desktop or C: drive
  • On a flash drive
  • On an external hard drive
Feel free to save it somewhere else if you want to.  But, it's my belief that if you lose your work in each of these three areas (at the same time), and you have no way of recovering it, it wasn't meant to be published.

By default, I save my work on a flash drive.  I carry it with me everywhere, and I never, ever leave the house without it. The one I own now I've had for 6 years, so one day it's going to... you know... break or something.

In college, I had a major project due at the end of the fall semester.  At the beginning of that semester, I only saved my work on my laptop.  So, months went by, and one day I said to myself, "I better get one of those flash drives the professor said to buy.  Something bad might happen to my computer."

I drove to the office supply store, bought one, drove home and backed everything up on my fancy new flash drive.  Wwwwhhheewww!  A week later, my computer crashed.  Well, it didn't really crash, but the LCD malfunctioned, so it was a miracle I could see anything.

Other people have not been so fortunate.  There are horror stories about students failing courses because their computer crashed the night before a project was due.  It's sad, but many people should know this rule by now.

Have you had bad experiences with losing documents?

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