Jun 11, 2013

Sibling Rivalry in Picture Books

In the midst of querying manuscripts and waiting for replies, I have created a draft of a picture book on a subject of which I know nothing.

My picture book began by just being funny, then I realize it was about sibling rivalry.  Well... I'm an only child.  What do I know about sibling rivalry?  Not much, but I will share a story that may interest you.

Mary and Ruby were sisters.  Mary was 4 when Ruby was born.  Mary was very jealous of Ruby and didn't know how to handle it.  So, Mary completely ignored Ruby.  Yep, she pretended like Ruby did not exist.  It was her way of coping.

As the years went by, Mary's jealousy did not subside much.  In a family portrait, Ruby touched Mary, and Mary had a fit:  "She touched me!!!"  As if Ruby had a disease.  It took many years before Mary could come to terms with Ruby's presence in the family, but she finally accepted it.

It seems as though picture books about sibling rivalries are a bit depressing.

Can't these picture books plant an idea of worry in young children preparing for a sibling?

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