Sep 7, 2013

On Track with Queries

It looks as though I've changed my mind... again.

In a previous post, I mentioned only querying publishers.  Well, the problem is that MANY picture book publishers will only accept queries from agents.  So, for a better chance of getting published, it looks like I HAVE to query agents first.

So, here's the new game plan:  I am going to query EVERY agent I have ever queried before.  This is about 35 agents.  If I give all of them time to respond, that will mean I must wait until early December to query publishers.  That's exactly what I am going to do.  You know, my 2013 goal was to get an agent, and I must remain hopeful it will happen before January 1, 2014.  But, there's nothing wrong with getting an agent next year either :)

I'll be honest, though.  I really don't want to query agents, and it's because agents are only one step of two very important steps (those steps being 1) get an agents attention and 2) get a publisher to agree to publish it).  But, whatever, I guess I need to just be patient and get in line like every other person who queries agents.

Before I query, I am going to make a promise to myself.

I PROMISE that when I begin querying agents, I will only check my e-mail twice a day.
I PROMISE not to lose sleep over wondering if an agent is going to contact me or not.

Two promises should cover it.

Is anyone else out there as fickle as me?

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