Sep 29, 2013

Starting Up With Queries Again

Ten minutes ago, I submitted another PB query to an agent.

I chose this agent because he represents children's picture books (duh!), and last time I queried him he replied within nine days.  I was quite happy with that response time, plus he gave me a tad more feedback than the typical form rejection letter that most people receive.

I chose to only query this one to see if he provides different feedback, or any insight.  Why?  Because this time I queried a book that features inanimate objects as the main characters.  So, if I'm way out of my league here, I hope he'll tell me, and maybe I can work on the revamp of the query.  Not a revamp of the story.  I really like the story, but sometimes it's all in the way you present it.  Or, I'm just crazy.

I remember starting this blog early this year, setting a goal for myself, then getting totally burned out on obsessing over the queries.  No more.  It'll either happen, or it won't, but either way, I'm keeping my sanity.  But I reeeeaalllyy hope I get an agent soon :)

1 comment:

  1. Sanity is good. I hope that your query gets some attention -- and better yet, a deal :) Good luck!